Arts & Culture Alliance American Rescue Plan Renewal Grant

The ETHS has been awarded a second $50,000 Arts and Culture Alliance American Rescue Plan (ARP) Renewal Grant. The Arts and Cultural Alliance manages this grant program on behalf of Knox County and the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Funds support ETHS’s education department in its efforts to combat the impact of lost instructional time for Knox County K-12 school children using evidence-based programs and services.

ETHS is especially proud of the work we do with Knox County teachers and students, especially those who qualify for Title 1 funds. Through support such as this grant and other sponsors past and present, we can provide free educational programming to schools who face student income challenges. Not only are we able to provide equitable programming to students in Knox County, but also throughout the region. It is our goal to provide valuable education experiences to all students, regardless of economic status.

To extend the reach of ETHS into classrooms, ETHS Education Program Manager Dani Manley is working to expand the existing education volunteer corps and to provide further training that will ensure a consistent educational experience from our volunteer staff. The second year of funding will see us integrating revised, curriculum-based and inquiry-rich educational programs. The Arts and Culture Alliance American Rescue Plan will ensure Dani can continue to develop and broaden ETHS student programming over the next year. If you are interested in volunteering as a museum educator, please email